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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Reviews of Recent Reading

I always have at least one book going. Some of my friends can keep up with several at a time, but I’m not able to do more than two. I recently finished these:

WE ALL MARRIED IDIOTS: THREE THINGS YOU CAN NEVER CHANGE ABOUT YOUR MARRIAGE AND TEN THINGS YOU CAN by Elaine W. Miller—This non-fiction book about marriage is one of the best I have ever read. Mrs. Miller’s book shows her extensive experience in counseling. This book is not long and isn’t very detailed, yet it hits all the points it needs to. I found it biblical, sound, very well written, and concise. I would recommend it to anyone who is married, any age. (A note to any of my Spanish friends who are shocked by the title: In English, this word is not nearly as strong as it is in Spanish. "Idiots" means something more like “Tontos.” The author uses it to describe "the common man.")

STRIKE THE MATCH by Diane Moody (one of her “Teacup Novellas”)—This was a nice story and entertaining. There are some interesting twists and turns. Being a romance, of course boy meets girl. At first, they don’t exactly hit it off, for various reasons. There are some tragedies which throw the protagonists together, and it all ends up as we want it to. It’s a nice story, not at all badly written. I probably won’t read more of the Teacup Novellas merely because I’m not a fan of boy meets girl stories. My fault, not the author’s. If you normally like this kind of book, you won’t be disappointed in this one, and you might enjoy the others, too.

RAIN DANCE by Joy Dekok—This is the fictional story of two women. Jonica is a Christian young woman who is infertile. In the beginning of the book, she and her husband have decided not to pursue fertility treatments any longer. The book tells the story of her struggles, tears, and victories. Stacie is another young married woman, the daughter of a feminist, who believes she can do with her body what she wants. She opts to abort her first child. RAIN DANCE deals with the issues of abortion and post abortion stress syndrome, infertility, children with birth “defects,” and feminism, as well as friendship, God’s grace, salvation, and how God changes people. This is a realistic book, and it is wonderful! It concentrates on a biblical viewpoint through real characters who don’t come across as preachy or phony. They don’t skirt around pointing others to the Truth of the Gospel. I thought Mrs. Dekok did an excellent job with very sensitive topics, and her writing is very good. I can wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone!

Presently, I’m back to the classics with Jane Austen’s EMMA. Fun!


  1. Emma is a fun read.

    I'm not a big fan of stories that are primarily just romance, either.

  2. Thank you for your wonderful review of We All Married Idiots. Interesting that you mentioned the Spanish word for Idiots because We All Married Idiots is being translated into Spanish. Thrilled to watch God's plans for this book.

    Blessings to you my sister,
    Elaine W. Miller

    1. Dear Mrs. Miller, How wonderful that you stopped by! I am thrilled to hear your book is being translated into Spanish. If you would like to contact me about that word translation, feel free. :o) As you can tell, I loved your book! God bless you.


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