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Friday, July 27, 2012

Rehoboam and Sneak Peek 2

King Rehoboam “did evil.” Why? “Because he prepared not his heart to seek the LORD.” No wonder he did evil! (2 Chronicles 12:13)

Those of you who follow my blog know I am finishing up my book, HIS WAYS, YOUR WALK: BIBLE APPLICATIONS FOR WOMEN. The verse about Rehoboam makes me want to share another part of it with you. This is a portion from Chapter 3:  
In counseling girls and women, I have learned about their personal problems. Some have family difficulties. Others are victims of abuse. Some have had moral failures or addictions. And others have issues with relationships. After hearing about each woman’s particular problem, I usually ask her this question: “Do you have a daily devotional time with God?” Almost in every case, they answer “No.”
Here’s a fictional tale for you to read:

“A Love Story”
         Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl named Susan who had a wonderful, handsome boyfriend named John. John lived quite a long distance from Susan. Sometimes they could see each other on a weekend, but mostly they would communicate by writing. John wrote to Susan every day—or almost every day. When he wrote, he tried to express all the love that he had in his heart. He was tender. He told her what he was thinking. He put the letter in an envelope, put the stamp on it, and sent it in the mail. Susan went to the mailbox every day. She saw how the letters were piling up, but she never emptied the mailbox nor opened any of his letters. She knew her boyfriend was writing to her, but she never read any of his communications.
         Did Susan really love John? 
She rejected all that he wanted her to know. How foolish she was!

         Many of us treat God the same way. He has given us sixty-six books full of His love! What happens when we don’t even look at them? 
         Do you realize that God loves you much, much more than John could ever love Susan?

         Can you develop a friendship with someone without spending time with him? It’s impossible! You cannot know a person without being around him. You can’t share yourself with someone if you never communicate with him. You do not have a friendship if one party doesn’t want a relationship with the other.

         Do you really want to know God? Knowing Him begins with the salvation of your soul. If you’ve already accepted Jesus as your personal Savior, take time to be with Him. Read His Word. Share with Him in prayer what’s on your mind and in your heart. Tell Him about your disappointments and your joys. Plead with Him for your friends and your family. Pray for your pastor, your brothers and sisters in the Lord, and for the services in your church. Ask Him to show you daily His will as you read the Bible. Listen so you can hear what God wants you to understand. Read His words carefully. Thank Him for your blessings. Be joyful in His presence. Spend time praising and adoring Him. 
         Everyone has problems, but many of the difficulties we have can be resolved or endured simply by knowing the Bible and understanding what God has written. We can then obey God’s Word and work biblically towards solving our problem or living with it.

- Stay tuned for more “sneak peeks” in the future! God bless you.

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