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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sneak Preview: HIS WAYS, YOUR WALK

Over the last maybe fifteen years, I’ve worked off and on writing a book for women of all ages. Finally, I’m in the last stages of production, seeing my dream getting close to coming true.

HIS WAYS, YOUR WALK: BIBLE APPLICATIONS FOR WOMEN is a study manual for women to help them make the connection between key Bible passages and their own Christian experience. It opens the Scriptures written especially for women and helps them make practical, personal applications.

Here’s a selection from my first chapter:

            I found God’s written instructions are relatively simple. There are three key Bible passages for daughters and single women and five for married women. Of course, many other verses and principles apply to women, but I was surprised to learn that anyone can easily understand the basics. 

Have you ever asked yourself questions like:
- Does God have a man for me?
- Should I feel guilty about my parents’ problems?
- How can I know God’s will?
- Does the Bible really tell me how to dress?
- How can I be sure I’ll go to heaven when I die?
- Is it possible to live a holy life without being weird?
- How can I be a better daughter/wife/mother?
- Can a Christian party?
- What should my major in college be? (Should I even go to college?)
- How can I have joy and peace?
- Which Christian ministry is right for me?
- What do I do with my strong-willed child?

Let’s open God’s Word! What does the Bible really teach? What concepts and principles can we learn? More importantly, what practical applications can we make? Is there something we need to change?
The Bible contains clear instructions as well as practical principles for our lives. Since God doesn’t change and His Word is God-breathed and eternal, we can trust the Bible to be our best guide! All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable . . . for instruction in righteousness (from 2 Timothy 3:16). 
God wrote the Bible through godly men, for YOU. His Word is God’s personal communication to you. You don’t have to figure things out by yourself. You have a living guide that will tell you exactly what God expects. It’s the Holy Bible.
First, you need to read what God actually says. After reading, you can ask yourself, “Am I willing to put this concept into regular practice in my life?” Then, you can apply what you’ve learned.

I hope you’ve enjoyed your peek at my new book. (More sneak peeks to come in future blogs.) God bless you!

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