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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Unwind with Good Books

After a day of work, cleaning, cooking, running here and there, what do you do to unwind?

I usually spend some time reading.

I just finished a fun fiction book by Catherine Leggitt, THE DUNN DEAL. I loved her writing style, which is a little sarcastic but not overtly so. The main characters, Christine and her husband Jesse are “older people” probably in their 60s, and Mrs. Leggitt pokes fun at their age-related issues while making them real and delightful. This story includes a paramilitary group, a corrupt sheriff’s department, and some Goths and busybody neighbors thrown in for good measure. It handles some delicate issues beautifully, and the story keeps moving from one adventure to another. The two main characters, Christine and Zora Jane are committed Christians who live their faith out in their day-to-day lives. The message of simple, saving faith is strong. I enjoyed this book and look forward to reading more of Mrs. Leggitt’s works.   

Now, I am reading the non-fiction book, WE ALL MARRIED IDIOTS: THREE THINGS YOU WILL NEVER CHANGE ABOUT YOUR MARRIAGE AND TEN THINGS YOU CAN by Elaine W. Miller. It is about married couples accepting their spouses as they are, idiosyncrasies and all. So far, the book is balanced and biblical. The author’s style is very good, and she obviously has experience in marriage counseling.

Next on my list? I’ll probably pick up a missionary biography or an old classic.

What do you like to read? Any favorite authors? I’m eager to hear from you.

In the meantime, I’m back to my IDIOTS book. What a title!


  1. Those both sound really good. I had never heard of the titles or the authors.

    I've been blogging way more about books than anything else lately and hope to get back to a more balanced blog soon! But I love books and love to talk about them with others.

  2. Hey Lou Ann, I'm like you -- always a book going, whether fiction or non-fiction, or more often, one of each at the same time. Right now, I'm just about to finish "The Glassblower of Murano," by Marina Fiorato, a woman who is half-Venetian herself. The book is especially fascinating to me for two reasons (besides the fact it's a good story) - it takes place in Venice, where I was fortunate enough to visit last November; and, it alternates between the present and the early 1600s in the same way that the book I wrote, "Frozen in Time," alternates between the present and the prehistoric past. I liked seeing how another author handled such a way of writing. I've enjoyed the book a lot.

    I'm also reading a book by David Jeremiah, "My Heart's Desire - Living Every Moment in the Wonder of Worship." That is a fantastic book, so much so that I'm reading it now for the second time. I highly recommend this book which can be ordered through Turning Point Ministries.

    And finally (sorry for such a loooong reply), I'm doing the Bible study, "From Heaven's View," by T.W. Hunt and his daughter. It's put out by Lifeway. It's a powerful Bible study that has changed my outlook on time, circumstances and even death in a very positive way. This is another one I recommend.

    Well, so much for my current reading list. Thanks for sharing yours and for all these wonderful blogs you're sharing as well (:


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