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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bible Study Book Review: Why Cope When You Can Conquer?

WHY COPE WHEN YOU CAN CONQUER: Studies in Selected Psalms by Juanita Purcell is an exploration of some of our favorite Psalms. But, it’s much more than that. Mrs. Purcell links the Psalms to other books in the Old Testament, the backgrounds of the Psalms she chose, and to the New Testament in practical Christian teaching. I found myself flipping back and forth, comparing, and thinking.

There are twelve lessons in all. (They are not short, so I divided them into two or more days each. I wanted to get all I could from each one.) This book studies Psalms 1, 19, 23, 100, and 139—some of my personal favorites—as well as 32, 42, 46, 51, 73, 91, and 106. She includes some poems and quotations with her thought-provoking questions.

The Psalms probe the deepest emotions of man, the close relationship of man with God, and the confession and forsaking of sin. Some of these studies urge us to run to God as a Refuge, to understand the difference between believers and those who are rich on earth and poor with God. Subjects like covetousness, failure, “victim complex,” true worship, desiring God, God’s goodness and fairness, and many more are brought up in the contexts of these beloved Psalms.

I loved doing these studies. Mrs. Purcell helped me see new and exciting facets of these well-known passages. She made me dig and think and meditate. I will never read some of these Psalms in the same way again.

And God has used His Word in my heart to show me once again the shining gold nuggets in Scripture. They were there all the time, but I needed to take my pan and find them. I needed to sift and rinse to see them.

I very much recommend Why Cope When You Can Conquer to any woman who wishes to be blessed by the Psalms, to any woman who really wants to know God’s heartbeat.


  1. Eso es lo que deveriamos de buscar todas el verdadero latido del corazón de Dios.

  2. I think I went through that one some time back -- the name and author look familiar. I love studying through the Psalms.

    1. The Psalms, to me, are so very wonderful. I love them, too. :o) God bless you, Barbara.


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