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Monday, March 18, 2013

Announcing His Ways, Your Walk

My book has been printed and is available now on Amazon. Exciting!

Have you ever asked questions like these:
      How can I know God’s will?
      Is it possible to live a holy life without 
          being weird?
      Does God have a man for me?
      How can I be sure I’ll go to heaven 
          when I die?
      Can a Christian party?
      What do I do with my strong-willed child?
      Does the Bible really tell me how to dress?
      Which Christian ministry is right for me?

His Ways, Your Walk: Bible Applications for Women explores these themes and many more. It will help you make the connection between key Bible passages and your own Christian experience. Discover the Scriptures written especially for women! This is a Bible study manual for women of all ages. It lets you read for yourself what the Bible says and then make personal applications.

His Ways, Your Walk is a practical how-to book for women who want to live for Christ in the 21st century. Lou Ann writes with the voice of experience and observation resulting from many years working as a fulltime missionary wife and as mother of two children, who are now happily married and serving the Lord themselves. By the liberal use of relevant Scripture throughout her book, Lou Ann lets the authority of God's own Words back up her message and speak truth to women's hearts. Thoughtful questions at the end of each chapter help make the message personal. Women of all ages who desire to walk in God's ways will be challenged, guided, and blessed in their Christian lives by His Ways, Your Walk.”—Sandra Barker, writer featured in Chicken Soup for a Mother’s Soul and in magazines and newspapers

“HIS WAYS, YOUR WALK has straightened out my thinking because it taught me how to think more biblically. Though life at times is perplexing, God's Word is plain and pertinent in revealing God's will. If you truly desire to know and please God, this is an excellent book that will help you on your journey."-- Rhoda Buker (Bible college student) 

I am thrilled my book is done and now available to you. I offer special wholesale prices for bookstores and discounts for groups. You can order yours directly from me at keiser dot intheway at gmail dot com or on Amazon.


  1. Me alegro por ti y por todas la mujeres a las que les servirá de ayuda.
    Que el Señor las guié por el buen camino.

  2. How exciting to see it come to fruition! Congratulations!

    1. Thank you so much! You have been such an encouragement to me. God bless!

  3. Your 30 years of experience in the ministry has prepared you to write this book which will be a blessing to many young Christian woman seeking to know God's Truth. I have to put a review on Amazon asap! Congratulations and God's blessings.

    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it, and yes, I would love for you to put a review on Amazon. :o) You are an encourager.


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