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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Tychicus, the faithful deliveryman

My husband has been preaching through Colossians. Last night, he got to chapter 4, where we learn about man named Tychicus. (Great name, by the way! Can you imagine the shortened version, “Ticky”?) This guy was sent to the believers in the church at Colosse, by the Apostle Paul, who was in prison in Rome. Paul calls Tychicus three things in Colossians 4:7,
            1. beloved brother
            2. faithful minister
            3. fellow servant in the Lord
He was sent to the Colossian church to find out how they were doing and to comfort them. (verse 8)

Tychicus was entrusted with carrying Paul’s letter to them. Can you imagine? He had an original manuscript of the Holy Word of God in his hands! He carried it from Rome to Colosse (in eastern Turkey). This was a long journey, and all the time, Tychicus had a book of the New Testament—the original—in his possession! I wonder if he knew it was God-breathed.

This wasn’t the only book of Scripture he got to carry. He took the letter to the Ephesians from Rome to Ephesus.

In Ephesians, Paul again calls Tychicus his “beloved brother” and a “faithful minister.” (Ephesians 6:20-22) And, no wonder. Tychicus was by Paul’s side much of the time. When Paul was thrown out of Ephesus, Tychicus was one of the men who escorted him to Asia (Turkey). He was with Paul in Rome. He was one of the men who served Paul. No wonder Paul calls him a faithful minister!

Tychicus was sent to be a messenger—with God’s Holy Word in his possession.

But, that wasn’t all. He was sent to be a blessing to the churches and to people. He went to Ephesus (at least three times) and Colosse. He also might have been sent personally to Titus from Nicopolis, where Paul was spending the winter. He was the kind of person who was a comfort and help to these new churches.

What can we learn from Tychicus?
-       Be faithful to God and others.
-       Minister to those in need, especially servants of the Lord.
-       Be an encouragement to new Christians. Comfort others.
-       Be very careful with God’s Word. (What we have in our Bible isn’t an original autograph, but it is God’s preserved, Holy Word—as precious as what Tychicus carried with him.)
-       Sometimes, a small task (like making a letter delivery) is actually a big task.

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  1. I love the stories of faithful "behind the scenes" people.


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