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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Were You There?

Two weeks ago, in my Sunday school class, a visiting ten-year-old girl said the typical European lines: “I’m not sure there is a God.” “The Bible is just men’s thoughts.” “God didn’t create the world.”

When people say God didn’t create the world, a popular creationist asks them, “Were you there?”

God asked Job the same question. (Job 38:4-6 and following)

My answer to the ten-year-old was that I feel we can trust God. He was there and saw everything, and He can best tell us what really happened.

I remember when the least popular of the theories about how the world came into existence was the Big Bang. Today, people just assume it is true. The other day, a scientist on TV was talking about the planet Venus which has an atypical orbit, direction, and speed. (The orbit is circular instead of elliptical, and it goes clockwise instead of counterclockwise like most of the planets. It is also rotates backwards and slower.) He tried to explain the difference by saying something cataclysmic happened millions of years ago . . . .

Reason would tell us that Venus was created to be different from the other planets. It is proof that not everything is a “spin-off” from the supposed big explosion. No way could things have been thrown into space backwards! I always “love” it when the scientists explain the unknown and untested by millions and billions of years. Incredible!

It’s so much easier to trust our Bible, God’s Word. God knows exactly what He did and how. He knows the earth is older—by at least four days—than the sun, moon, and stars (and, I assume, the planets). He knows the earth is special, the central focus of His creation. He knows how he planned the light, plants, animals, and man himself. God totally understands His own design.

Why are some planets a little different from the theory mold? Because God did it. Why is the earth made like it is? Because God created it. And, because of the catastrophic changes that occurred with the universal Flood, so much changed so fast! What about earthquakes, volcanoes, and other natural disasters? Read the Bible. We’re going to have more and more earthquakes. (Matthew 24:7; Mark 13:8; Luke 21:11) Eventually, there will be the granddaddy of all earthquakes, the worst one since men have lived on the earth. (Revelation 16:18)

For me, give me God’s Word. Let me read God’s explanation of what He did, does, and will do. He was there in the beginning. He is here now. He will be here in the future.

In the beginning God . . . (Genesis 1:1).

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  1. I like your simple approach, Lou Ann.



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