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Friday, August 31, 2012


GROW OLD WITH ME by Melinda Evaul

Sarah runs a bed and breakfast called Mosey Inn. When carpenter Benjamin Pruitt arrives on her porch, Sarah can only gasp. Mr. Pruitt’s face and hands are horribly scarred. After that first awkward moment, their friendship takes off. And, so does the book. It flows so perfectly for the first third of the book that I honestly was so wrapped up in the story, I didn’t notice words or style.

After that first third, though, this nice romance between two fifty-something people sometimes has its cart-before-the-horse moments, a few implausible events (like Benjamin’s talking his heart out to a fearless, wild rabbit), and some awkward writing. I personally thought this back and forth was distracting to the story as a whole, although I still enjoyed the book. There are a couple of details that bothered me—quite a lot of physical relationship before any commitment (just kisses and hugs, but good kisses and hugs), and the fact that Sarah has no idea if Benjamin is a Christian at all until very late in the book (and she’s already in this relationship way over her head and heart). Personally, I think the physical can wait until after there’s a commitment (and should be limited then), and you should never even entertain thoughts about a relationship with someone until you know he’s a Christian. First things first.

GROW OLD WITH ME explores some interesting topics, such as rheumatoid arthritis, finding missing people, quilting, a pastor’s relationship with his flock, a rich, nasty busybody, and, of course, late-in-life courtship and romance. Overall, it’s a nice read, even though it has its faults. (I rate it three stars out of five.)

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  1. I like the idea of a book with a late-in-life romance, but I agree that there shouldn't be any physicality until there is some commitment, and it should be limited even then. And a Christian shouldn't be entertaining even the notion of a romantic relationship with someone who is not a Christian.


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