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Friday, October 17, 2014

Book Review: Freefall by Kristen Heitzmann

Photo by: Apolonia

I have always enjoyed Kristen Heitzmann’s books, but this one gets my vote for best yet! It’s exciting, very well written, and the Christian message is loud and clear without taking over the story line. I loved it!

Freefall begins with a young woman waking up from a severe concussion. She’s on a rock and has a head injury. She doesn’t know where she is, how she got there, and she doesn’t remember anything—not the fall, not even who she is. After a little while, though, she decides to climb out of the steep valley, and she ends up in someone’s yard. There, she meets Monica, who asks her who she is, tends her wound, and takes care of her, nicknaming her “Jade” for her green eyes and beauty.

Several days later, Jade goes to the doctor, who does a scan and informs her she’ll start to recover her memory, but it will be little by little. Three days after her fall, Jade remembers she hadn’t been alone. She doesn’t know who was with her, but she knows there was someone.

The search begins. Someone might be at the point of death—or worse. In the meantime, Monica has called her brother Cameron, who ends up going with this young woman who doesn’t even know who she is to try to find someone she doesn’t remember. Jade has fuzzy memories sometimes, and when they reach the bottom, she recognizes where she had been, so Cameron goes exploring. He realizes that Jade’s head injury is serious, and he would rather take risks than cause her further harm.

The story takes off. Others know who Jade is before she does, and she’s in grave danger. As her memory slowly comes back in bits and pieces, Jade confronts the paparazzi, meets the person who pushed her, and deals with some personal challenges having to do with her career and her true identity. At the same time, Cameron is trying to balance protecting “Jade,” his work, and his growing romantic interest.

As in all good novels, there are plenty of complications, a great love story within a love story—actually two of them—and the bad guy gets caught in the end. It has a wonderfully Christian view of some very sticky issues.

The only negative was quite a few kisses by unmarried people and one heavy scene of temptation—where no one succumbed.

I give Freefall five stars, a thumbs up, and I recommend it for a fun read. I think you’ll thoroughly enjoy it.


  1. I don't think I have ever read this author. Sounds good!

    1. I really think you'll like this book. Some of the sentences are worthy of framing! :o) Thank you for commenting, Barbara. God bless you!


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