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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Family Ties

Recently, we’ve been privileged to visit many people in our family. You already know about our newest addition, our little two-month-old grandson. Now, we’re with another grandson who's two years old, who’s sharing his toys and laughter and talking our ears off. Such a delight!

We’ve visited most of our nieces and nephews, a new wife, and a fiancée too. We’ve been around our children and their spouses, our siblings, our parents.

Such good times, talk, and laughter. Good food everywhere.

There’s something about family you don’t get with anything else. The ties are shared memories, common ancestors, and in our family, a common faith in Jesus Christ.

God has blessed us so much. We don’t take it lightly.

The first institution that God established was the family. He started it in Genesis 2 with the marriage of Adam and Eve, blessed them, and blessed marriage and families all throughout the Scriptures.

Family . . .

Warm hugs, relationships, commitment.

Fun, work, great meals around a table filled with loved ones.

Talking, sharing.

Your family is made up of those people who stick by you, even though they know you best. They are the ones you can count on.

A good family is a huge gift.

A godly family is an eternal heritage.

We were traveling to our daughter’s home on Easter weekend. In the airport, I was looking around us at many people traveling to other destinations. I could tell from conversations that some people were headed home. Some children were going to visit a parent in another city. A young mother with two small children was traveling to see her parents. Soldiers were on leave.

Grandparents. Children. Grandchildren. Siblings. Nieces. Nephews. Great-grandparents.


Have you ever noticed that, after a tragedy, even tragic loss, a person says something like, “This reminded me of what’s most important in life: life, love, family.”

I remember reading that no one ever regrets the time they spent with their family. They might regret not spending time with family.

God put family right up there after our personal relationship with Him.

God first. Family second.

At the top of the family list, the marriage commitment. Then, teaching and guiding children.

Family is important to God.

Is it important to you?


  1. Para mi es importante el poder relacionarme con mi familia, sobretodo con los que no están cerca. Provengo de una familia rota, divida. Cometí un error que me impide poder crear la mía propia. Pero eso no me impide el servir al Señor en todo lo posible, si no que tengo mas tiempo para servirle. Me encantaría poder servirle a tiempo completo.

    1. Me encanta ese espíritu. Bendiciones. :o)


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