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Friday, August 11, 2017

Young Adult Style

As you know, I enjoy fashion and style. You might not know I worked for a time in a design department for children's fashions. I wasn't a designer, but we drew the designs for screen prints, appliqu├ęs, and embroidery. We also drew and painted the children's clothing catalog by hand. Can you imagine?

Some time ago, I asked for volunteers--all young adults--to be my models for a virtual fashion show. It's not as much about fashion as style. Each person was free to choose his clothing and model as he saw fit. Enjoy!

Many thanks to my volunteer models: A. J., Damaris, Daniel, Jessica, Raquel, Sarah, Sol, and Victoria (as well as two adorable dogs). You demonstrate style, fun, and a lovely Christian attitude.

My models live in Ecuador, Guatemala, Japan, Micronesia, Spain, and the United States. One has modeled professionally, but the others confess to being nervous in front of a camera. One of my models is a mother and another is expecting a baby. My models work at: assembling car parts, writing (one's a published author), and studying. They're active in their churches. Some of them teach Sunday school.

Why do a post about style? Because I think Christian role models are important, and modest style demonstrates variety and flair.

God bless these young adults as they serve Him in many different capacities!

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