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Monday, August 7, 2017

Fiction Review: Tested by Fire

Tested by Fire, by Pat Patterson is the second book I’ve read by this author. It’s the sequel to Paramedic Killer. It's good to read Paramedic Killer before this one, but not necessary. Each book stands on its own.

They say, “write what you know” and Mr. Patterson certainly does! A paramedic himself, Tested by Fire showcases his medical expertise while telling a poignant story.

It begins with the sad martyrdom of his partner Sid on the streets of East Beach. Gang members taunt his faith, beat him, and then fill him with lead. Jim Stockbridge vows to get revenge. No one deserves that kind of death.

Follow Jim as he goes after gang leader J-Rock and ends up in the hospital himself on more than one occasion. Follow him as he finds Truth as does Zee, a member of the gang. Go with Jim as he seeks to revenge his partner.

There’s a little bit of romance and a lot of violence in this book. Frankly, I am a tad too squeamish for some of the graphic medical details, though they greatly contribute to the book’s authenticity. Tested by Fire is a strongly Christian book set in the unlikely setting of the inner city. The author seems to know a lot about gang and drug culture. The whole book sounds like it could easily be true.

I personally enjoy Patterson’s writing. I believe he’ll reach a niche of readers that’s rarely spoken to in Christian books: older teen and young adult men. This second book, like the first, is hard to put down. There’s no sensuality, no bad language, but it does contain a lot of violence. I give it four stars.

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