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Friday, February 5, 2016

Non-fiction Book Review: Out of a Far Country

Photo by amenic181, courtesy of Free Digital Photos
Out of a Far Country, by Christopher Yuan and Angela Yuan consists of simultaneous, true personal testimonies by both a mother and son. It is beautifully written and sensitively told. The chapters alternate between the mom’s point of view and her son’s life story. This book captivated me from the beginning.

Christopher was convinced he was born gay, and when an adult took advantage of him, he was introduced to the gay community. In dental school at the time, Christopher got into the gay nightclub scene, and his grades suffered. He was introduced to the drug Ecstasy, and soon, he began selling. Drug sales and use fueled Christopher’s expensive lifestyle and drug habit, and for a while, he thought everything was going well—except his schooling.

Angela had always had a difficult marriage. That’s putting it mildly! Her marriage was failing apart from day one, as her silent husband put his parents before his wife. Almost all their communication was fighting. And, all their efforts went into his dental business and trying to bring up their two sons to be successful adults. Their sons were failing miserably to live up to any expectations.

Christopher’s story chronicles his life, partners, and lifestyle. It tells how he got into the A-list gay circuit. Christopher shares about his lovers and his deep heartaches and disappointments as one after another “moved on.” (Thankfully, the book goes into no sexual details at all. Christopher tells his story, but we’re spared gratuitous scenes.)

Christopher moves from party drug use to selling in a short time. He has a good head for business, and his drug sales become big-time fast.

Angela and her husband are shocked when Christopher comes out. Their son is a homosexual? It was a blow! It sullies their image. Angela plans to commit suicide.

Christopher feels free for the first time in many years. He is gay, and now it’s public.

Angela has touched bottom. Soon afterwards, she becomes a believer in Jesus. She turns an unused shower stall into a prayer closet. She grows spiritually and changes. And, she sets out to change her son.

Christopher is busted for drug selling. The evidence is stacked against him. He ends up in prison—for a long sentence.

You’ll have to read the rest of their journey for yourself. I guarantee it will challenge you. You’ll have a greater understanding of God’s love, mercy, and how He reaches out to many kinds of people—including mothers and sons.

This is a terrific read, and I recommend it to you. (This is not for young teens, however. The content is clean, but the clear references to sexual conduct, gay porn, HIV, and the frank descriptions of the pleasurable effects of drug use could be problematic for younger, less mature persons.)

I agree with the author about the inappropriate methods some Christians use towards homosexuality. It is extremely sad that some people don’t distinguish between the sin and the sinner. It was interesting to read Christopher’s thoughts—he was from a non-religious background—and his insights later on in the book.

I personally would not feel comfortable with most of the Christian organizations mentioned.

I recommend that you read Out of a Far Country. It’s transparent, well-written, and a true story of prayer and hope.


  1. I enjoyed this book immensely. It was sad to see the emptiness and sadness in their lives but wonderful to see how God worked in the whole family.

    1. Yes, I totally agree. I loved reading their story! God bless you, Barbara, and thank you for your comment.


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