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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Fiction Review: Random Acts of Murder

Random Acts of Murder by Christy Barritt is the first book of her Holly Anna Paladin Mystery Series.

Social worker Holly Paladin breaks into a client’s house to clean it—as a good will surprise. While in the house, with creepy and guilty feelings cropping up, she turns on a light and finds . . . a man, dead, with blood pooling around his chest. Holly panics and flees the scene, leaving behind her bucket and cleaning supplies.

Upon returning, the police are there, and she decides to forget the cleaning supplies—forever.

But, the murderer knows she was there, and the rest of the book is about Holly trying to figure out who would kill this man—and successive people—while she tries to hide the fact that she was at the scene of the crime from her family and the police. Who's killing her clients? And, why?

One complication is that she's been diagnosed with terminal cancer and believes she has only six months to live . . . and she hasn’t yet told her family.

I kept flipping pages to see what would happen next.

Christy Barritt tells this spooky story from Holly's perspective in Mrs. Barritt's trademark hilarious way. I was thoroughly entertained. Loved it! Loved it! Loved it!

This book is suitable for both teens and adults. It is clean (except for murder!), and there is zero sexual content or bad language.


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  1. I like being introduced to "clean" murder mystery writers. I have not yet read this author and appreciate this review. I try to break away occasionally from Historical novels, this inspires me to try Christy Barritt. Thanks Lou Ann.

    1. I think you'll thoroughly enjoy them. She is a Christian author with a real heart for people--even the wacky ones. Her books are always humorous with lessons on the side.


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