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Friday, January 3, 2014

Your Top 10 Post Picks of 2013

Thank you, Readers, for visiting “In the Way” in 2013. Last year, your number five most read post was at 27 views. This year, all of the Top 10 are over 100. So, here they are, your favorite In the Way picks for 2013:

1. A Personal Look at Halloween—By far the most read, it’s my Halloween memories as a child mixed in with why I wouldn’t celebrate the occult today. It includes a selection of Bible verses on God’s views.

2. The Ten Most Powerful Biblical Women (continued)—My own picks for powerful women in the Bible. This second half features: Priscilla, Deborah, Jael, Dorcas, and the Queen of Sheba.

3. “Primates Like Us”—Inspired by a CNN special, this post takes on the evolutionary thought about man coming from the great apes, some discoveries, and my personal ideas about what those skeletons might be.

4. Why It’s Important for Pastors to Visit Missionaries—A Missionary’s Point of View. This post was written after a visit from one of our supporting pastors and his wife. What a blessing to share God’s work in Spain with them!

5. Goals for Preparing Children for Adulthood—A list of goals for helping your children become independent, responsible, well-mannered adults.

6. A Royal Baby—Written on the occasion of the birth of Prince George, the future king of England, it’s a comparison between this baby king’s birth and the birth of the King of Kings, Jesus Christ.

7. Five Easy Steps That Will Improve Your Marriage—Common sense and easy to do, these can be incorporated into anyone’s marriage. Guaranteed to work!

8. A Different Perspective About Food—Looking to the Bible for guidance about food choices.

9. How to Teach Manners to Children and Why We Should—Why simple manners and common courtesy are important, plus how to teach them naturally.

10. Thoughts About Earth Day—Recycling, conservation, and God’s sovereignty.

Thank you again for your visits! May God bless you!

I'm looking forward to seeing you again this year.


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