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Monday, January 20, 2014

My Second Blogaversary!

Two years of blogging. I am learning, stretching, and catching new visions.

If you are a new reader, presently I’m gathering thoughts from single women. I think you’ll be surprised and challenged by the information shared in the survey results, as well as in a Bible study about singles. I believe that now, more than ever, our churches need to address singles’ needs and potential. The results will be out very soon!

As you suggested a year ago, I’ve included more mentoring posts. I also added quite a few Bible study reviews from my devotions over the year 2013. (See my tab.)

I’d like to hear from you again. Please leave a comment with any suggestion you may have.
  • What kind of posts—in general—do you most enjoy?
  • As a Christian, what types of Bible studies meet your needs: verse, word, theme, character, etc.?
  • Was there any “In the Way” post this past year that you especially liked?
  • Could you give me a suggestion about how to motivate my readers to comment? I would love to have more input from you.
  • Any specific topic(s) you’d like to read about? I love suggestions!

Thank you for reading “In the Way.” I appreciate you! 

God bless and keep you,
Lou Ann


  1. Congratulations on your blogaversary!

    The kinds of posts I most enjoy are the coming-alongside kind - "I was wrestling with this issue or thought, and here's what the Lord taught me," etc.

    I think I've both used and heard all those types of Bible studies, and they all meet needs.

    I'm sure there probably were a few standout posts to me, but I can't recall all of them over the past year. :-D

    If you ever find the answer to getting readers to comment, let me know. :-) That has really fallen off in the years I have been blogging. Sometimes I won't hear from anyone for a while, even on posts that I thought would generate comments, and other times I get them when I least expect them. That's something I've had to give to the Lord over and over. Most articles about blogging say that the more you comment on others' blogs, the more comments you get, and I have found that to be true, but it is always a struggle balancing time. I know I can't always comment on every blog post I read (sometimes no time, sometimes just not anything to say), so I trust that the same thing happens with my blog, that there are people reading who don't always comment. The other thing I have read is that if you close with a question, that sometimes invites readers to participate, but not always.

    1. Bless you, Barbara! It's great to get YOUR comment and some answers to my questions. I really appreciate your thoughts.


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