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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Book Reviews: I'm No Angel, Divine Design

I’m No Angel: From Victoria’s Secret Model to Role Model by Kylie Bisutti is one of those books that I think every single teen and young woman should read. (I don’t recommend it for under 16, though, because some of Kylie’s experiences are fairly explicit.) Kylie was a model at age 14 and a lingerie supermodel six years later. She modeled in Japan and in New York, and for photo shoots of all kinds. Kylie loved working the runway, but she hated the life that went with it.

This is a behind the scenes account of the modeling world from the eyes of a pretty little girl who grew up to be tall and long-legged. It exposes the dirtiness of an industry that basically sells sensuality and the cruelty of those who treat the models as things rather than people. It reveals the subculture—amorality, eating disorders, and dingy little apartments—that is just the opposite of the glamour and glitz we often associate with top modeling. Kylie tells it all.

This is her very personal story. It’s a story of faith, love, marriage, and finally winning the top prize. When Kylie wins the Victoria’s Secret Angel, her eyes are opened to another world, even worse than the one she had experienced before.

Kylie’s story is told well, truthfully, and I believe it will help young women understand a lot about the fashion industry. I found it very interesting to read about how Kylie rationalized in her own mind the wearing of provocative clothing and then, when she realized what she was doing, how disgusted she was.

I applaud Kylie on saying no and being willing to walk away from great worldly success. I also applaud her for putting the Lord and her husband first.

An emotional and eye-opening story, I believe every young woman should read this book.

At the end of the book, Kylie has written two sections of devotional thoughts, perfect for young and older women alike. She addresses the real value of women within a biblical framework.


Divine Design: A Study of Feminine Priorities by Katie Hornor

Katie Hornor is a missionary and mother. Her short book has some excellent instruction for women of all ages. I appreciate her biblical emphasis and practical writing. She talks about priorities and how to keep them straight, like God would have them. There are chapters about God, husband, children, and ministry. Katie also offers resources for teaching.


  1. I have the first one in my Kindle app - your review make me look forward to it even more!

    1. I believe you will really appreciate it. Thank you for reading my reviews and for your comment. God bless!


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