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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Book Review: The Lion of Babylon

The Lion of Babylon by T. Davis Bunn is the first in the series “A Marc Royce Thriller.” I love Mr. Bunn’s books for many reasons. His thorough research, many times traveling to the places he writes about, make them come alive. This book is no exception. You can almost taste the dust, feel the heat, and smell the sweat. His writing borders on poetry, being both imaginative and descriptive and pacey.

The Lion of Babylon is the story of Marc Royce’s mission to rescue a friend. Within 24 hours, he is in Baghdad, making contacts, learning, and asking questions. His plan to rescue Alex and the others takes him into the Baghdad underworld, discovering the systematic kidnapping of children, danger, and even the most unlikely thing—an Iraqi family who accepts him as their own. His mission multiplies as he begins it, and soon, he has rescued many children and saved Iraqi pilgrims from a bombing. His success brings him a name in Baghdad and friends in high places. Finally, his original mission is ready—to free Alex and the others. It will take him into a place that will mean one of two outcomes: success or death.

I loved this fast-paced book. There’s a fascinating cultural dimension to it as well as a vision of how faith in Jesus Christ can unify the most unlikely of peoples. I enjoyed the handling of the characters, especially Marc, Sameh, Jaffar, and the vivacious little girl Bisan. The familiar Green Zone and Red Zone come alive, and you can almost feel what military operations are like in such a place. I loved the contrast between Americans and Arabs and the understanding between the two. I also enjoyed the state of the art military methods that help Marc know what to expect at the climax of his mission.

A fun read with a lot packed into a few pages. I look forward to the next one in this series! I definitely recommend The Lion of Babylon to anyone who wants to enjoy an exciting, clean adventure.


  1. Definitely an exciting book! And I love how faith is interwoven naturally into the story. In fact, it doesn't feel woven in at all - it's just generic to it.

    1. Yes, in fact I was surprised when they went to that underground church. You can never be too careful! Wonderful book.


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