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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Pray For Me

Prayer requests. We hear them every day.

For example:
  • Please pray for my son who has been diagnosed with cancer.
  • Pray for my neighbor’s salvation.
  • Please pray for Mrs. Whoever in the hospital.
  • Pray that problems in This Church are resolved soon.
  • Please pray for So and So’s financial needs to be met.
  • Pray that Mr. and Mrs. Someone’s marriage.
  • Please remember Joe, Harvey, Susan, and George. They need jobs.*

Years ago, our pastor taught us a valuable lesson about prayer. Whenever anyone in the congregation voiced a prayer request, he would stop immediately to pray for the need. The whole church joined him in prayer.

Right there, right then.

No request was too insignificant. No request was overlooked. Everyone’s need was prayed for as soon as it was mentioned.

As most of you know, we are missionaries. That means mostly that we live away from where we grew up. We’re at home here (though everyone would label us “foreigners").

Because we live overseas, because we’re perceived as a “safe pair of hands,” here today and back across the ocean tomorrow, my husband and I enjoy a ministry of listening. Many times, we’re asked to pray for someone. It might be a situation in the family, in the church, or a health issue.

With the connectedness we enjoy in the technologies available to us, many times we’re asked to pray for someone. This applies to all of us who are open about being Christians.

I propose we adapt our pastor’s policy. Stop, and pray.

Pray for the situation right away. This serves two purposes:
  1. We don’t forget to pray for that specific request.
  2. If we have already prayed for it, we will be more likely to remember it later and pray again. 

Another great practice is to write down the prayer request. Keep a prayer list. This helps memory and helps us to continue to pray.

It’s also a good idea to check up if you haven’t heard anything about the request for a while. Is Mrs. Whoever still in the hospital? Did Joe get a job? Ask and find out. See if you need to continue to pray—or if you need to change how you pray.

Praise God when He answers. When Joe gets a job, thank God. When the married couple starts enjoying their marriage again, praise the Lord. When the church troubles are over, thank God. When your neighbor accepts Christ, give thanks to the Lord.
  • The next time someone says, “Pray for me,” do it right then. Pray with the person who needs prayer.
  • The next time someone asks you to pray, do it. Stop what you’re doing and pray.
  • When you see God act, praise Him.

The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.
(James 5:16b)

Let’s be effective as we pray for others.

*These are for the purpose of example only. Not one of these requests represents any known person or prayer request in real life.


  1. This is indeed helpful. I try to pray for an e-mail of Facebook prayer request immediately to make sure I don't forget to.

    1. Wonderful! Thank you for commenting. You're an encouragement.

  2. So true! One of my biggest failures is failure to pray as I should. You're right -- if I can just get into the habit of praying for that need immediately, I have at least offered that one prayer, and I think that it DOES then help us to remember to pray again later as well. Thanks for this needed reminder!

    1. Thank you for your comment, Sandra. God bless!

  3. Si que es necesario orar por los demás, conocer sus necesidades y ponerlas en oración. Pues es necesario que todos oremos por todos.
    Mi costumbre es orar todas las mañanas por todos los que conozco o se que necesitan oración por una cosa o por otra.

    1. Me alegro que tengas esa costumbre. ¡Que el Señor te bendiga! Gracias, Tere, por compartir.
      (I'm glad you have this custom. May God bless you. Thank you, Tere, for sharing.)

  4. Love that way of praying! Stop and pray!

    1. Thank you for your comment, Regine. I just checked out your blog. I'm glad to see you're another fan of pain au chocolat. :o)


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