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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bible Study Review: Grace for Every Trial

Grace for Every Trial by Betty Henderson is a study of the book of Job. It’s not at all what I expected, and pleasantly so. I’ve heard studies and preaching on Job, and I’ve read it myself many times, but never have I seen all the wonderful teaching in it like I have through this study!

Of course, this study is all about suffering—its purpose, Job’s response, etc. We expect that. But, as Ms. Henderson points out, All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable (from 2 Timothy 3:16). That means we can learn from the seemingly endless speeches by Job’s “miserable comforters,” from Job’s responses, and of course, from God’s teachings.

This study is rich! Ms. Henderson refers to many other Scriptures, especially the Psalms. She includes practical instructions about what to do for people who are suffering—as well as what we shouldn’t do. All of the study is biblical and practical. She includes many quotations from hymns as well as from commentaries. This is meaty and inspirational.

I especially enjoyed delving into the “miserable” speeches for the first time in my life. I had no idea they held so much. I guess I pretty much wrote them off as silly sayings from not-too-helpful friends. Ms. Henderson says, “There is profit for our souls as we wander through this upcoming wilderness of words. This old book of Job is a gold mine . . . .” And it is! I came away with a new appreciation for both Job and Eliphaz. I learned so much about human nature and even how God describes Himself.

This is one of the best Bible studies I have ever done. I am so thankful I did this!

(Available from and on Amazon. It is a "Journey Book" under the heading "Women's Bible Studies.")


  1. Sounds neat! Last year our church went through a year-long study of Job, and at the same time I went through Beyond Suffering: Discovering the Message of Job by Layton Talbert and got much more from it than ever before.

    1. Interesting that you mentioned Layton Talbert's book. Ms. Henderson uses quotations from his book in her Bible study.

      Thank you, Barbara, for your comment. God bless!


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