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Monday, March 12, 2012

I should have been Italian!

Is there a genetic predisposition towards tomato sauce and pasta? I don’t have one drop of Italian blood in me, yet the foods that call my name contain cheese, tomato sauce, herbs, pasta, cream sauces, more pasta, homemade pizza dough with tomato sauce and cheese, mushrooms sautéed with garlic . . . .

I recently received a travelogue from a friend who went to Rome with her husband. She said they lived all week on pizza and gelato. I could do that!

My bloodlines run the Scottish-Irish-Welsh-English-German route with one Native American in there to spice things up. So, why don’t I like potatoes and cabbage more than tomato sauce and pasta? Why don’t I crave shepherd’s pie and Cornish pasties? Why does one whiff of garlic send me swooning into ecstatic culinary visions?

Today, I was preparing my own concoction, one that our family calls simply “Garlic Chicken.” First, you fry salted and peppered chicken breasts in olive oil, then you add several cloves of pressed garlic, then tomato sauce and a couple of shakes of Italian herbs, and you let it simmer. The sauce is served over linguine pasta al dente. I make a huge green salad (with onions!) and sometimes, I serve crunchy garlic bread with the meal. Yuuuuummy!

Do you reckon there’s Italian food in heaven? I think just maybe!

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