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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Fiction Review--Restored: Never Give Up Hope

Restored: Never Give Up Hope, by Kimberly Rae is the third book in The Broken Series. I’ve reviewed the first two books, Shredded (here) and Shattered (here). They’re about childhood sexual abuse and human trafficking and slavery. These three books are best read in order so that you know the characters and understand the backstories.

Slash, the trafficker of women, is in prison for murder and attempted murder. Elderly Florence is about to be married, and horror of all horrors, bridesmaid Candy—a former prostitute—is trying on her bridesmaid gown. It’s bright yellow polyester and covered in yellow tulle. It even features puffed sleeves and a bow! No way is Candy going down any aisle in that!

The fashion emergency ends once and for all when Florence sees her. She’s so pleased! “Candy, you look exactly as I always imagined my bridesmaids would look . . . . You probably feel silly wearing something so old-fashioned, but it means so much to me to see this dress that I dreamed of for years . . . .” Candy wonders if she’ll get a reward of heaven. She knows she’ll have to wear it. At least Jean has one, too!

Grant is still in the hospital, depressed and trying to figure out his possibilities. He’s in denial about his paralysis and not dealing with that at all. He doesn’t understand that his fiancée, Jean, is working through even more than he is—and she’s sleep deprived.

Jean tries on her yellow polyester creation while Candy uses the opportunity to have a heart-to-heart with Grant. She tells him he’s being selfish and a few other things. She also confides in him about her fears—which are life-and-death reality.

Champagne is missing, and someone’s talking to the media. Slash will soon be released from jail, and Candy feels her world is turning upside down. Plus, Candy realizes if she talks, her friends might be killed. She’s afraid. She doesn’t want to paint big round targets on everyone she loves.

Read this wonderful concluding book to find out what happens when Florence gets married, Slash gets out of jail, and two others secretly get married and search for answers. I know you’ll enjoy this and be challenged anew to reach others for Christ. No one is beyond His reach and His forgiveness.

There is some violence, no sensuality outside of marriage (only hinted at), and no bad language. This is a distinctly Christian book and the perfect ending to this series. It's probably not for teens due to the adult subject matter.

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