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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Fiction Review: Atonement for Emily Adams

Atonement for Emily Adams, by Susan Lawrence is a good read that brings up scenarios no one would desire to live through. It is a thoughtful book with biblical solutions and would be good for use with a discussion group. (There are even discussion questions at the end.)

Emily Adams is on her way home from the school where she works when a boy on a skateboard shoots across the road, and she hits him. She brakes immediately, and her nightmare begins. The beautiful child with his blue eyes open, doesn’t respond to CPR. He is dead.

Isaiah’s parents have differing responses. His father goes into anger. His mother withdraws and sorrows.

Emily is shaken to the core, and it affects her marriage. Her husband leaves her, and she finds solace in jogging.

A chance encounter with Isaiah’s grandmother, who works for a veterinarian, becomes a precarious friendship—one that Isaiah’s father will not accept.

Follow both families as they work through a tragedy. Also, follow a single missionary relative, who’s had more than her share of sorrows.

This isn’t a feel-good book, although it has a good ending. It takes on adult issues: family planning, rape, perceived infidelity, problems at work, anger, and of course, the loss of a child. This book is for adults only, although there is no explicit sexual content. There’s enough information, though, that only adults should read this. Also, if you’re dealing with depression, this probably wouldn’t be the best book to pick up.

It is, though, a very positive book that deals with quite a few hard themes and does them justice. The plan of salvation through faith in Jesus is clear, and the theme of atonement is well developed. This is a profitable book, especially for people who might be going through trials.

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