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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Fiction Review: Thrill Squeaker

Thrill Squeaker, by Christy Barritt is another delightful Gabby St. Claire mystery, the eleventh book in the Squeaky Clean Series.

Gabby finds herself at the medieval-styled, intricate, black iron gate that says “Mythical Falls.” What she saw behind those gates gave her pause. Restore this place? Seriously? This is a resort destination? Who would travel—like she just had—hours to come here?

But she’d promised that she would help with the renovation, and she would. Chad greeted her with the words, “This is Mythical Falls. You’re in for a real treat.” Soon, the owner arrived, said a few inappropriate lines, and Gabby was pretty sure she didn’t regard this as a sensible place to be, let alone a destination.

The nightmares begin with the first walk around. Clowns. Gabby had a phobia for clowns. And, goofy sections like: Bigfoot Woods, Loch Ness Lake, Area 51, the Bermuda Triangle, and Pharaoh’s Tomb. All of that in West Virginia. Gabby could only shake her head. Soon, she saw the body.

And, it wasn’t a joke. That man really was dead.

As the police arrive, the adventure takes off.

It’s frankly not what I expected, having read several of Christy Barritt’s books and laughing all the way through them. This one certainly has its share of humor and blood—like her others—and her characteristic quirky people. But, it’s also a maturing time for Gabby, and almost half of the story is hers.

This was a great read. It’s got mystery, romance, and a surprising ending. Loved it!

Ms. Barritt’s books are strongly Christian, clean, and they always take on some complicated issues. I think you will enjoy them.

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