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Monday, December 7, 2015

Fiction Review: Geese Mate for Life

Geese Mate for Life, by Lilian Duncan is a thoroughly entertaining suspense novel. Michael Hamilton is unexpectedly called into his boss’s office, and the next thing you know, he’s dead. Cocaine overdose. Arrested. Embezzlement. The evidence is all there, with his signature on every withdrawal. They said it was suicide.

Jenni, Michael’s wife, refuses to believe it. She knew Michael. So did his friends. Michael was honest to the degree that he would return change, if he was given too much. He wouldn’t do such a thing.

Or, would he? After all, there had been that affair he’d had.

Then, someone’s drugging Jenni, has her committed to a mental hospital, and is trying to hypnotize her into believing her late husband was guilty of all they said. They almost succeeded.

Follow Jenni’s exciting search for the truth. This book keeps you flipping pages. I had to know what happened. I had to figure out if these were the good guys or the bad guys and who held the truth. You will run until you’re breathless and be scared out of your mind.

It’s an exciting book, well written, and pacey. I enjoyed it and read more than half in one evening.

I only have one criticism. I got the Kindle version, but it may be a problem in all formats. It needs proofreading. The writing is quite good, but there are a few problems with spacing and spelling, about one a chapter. Most people won’t even notice the difference as they read, but to me, when she knelt at the altar, I knew it wasn’t supposed to be spelled alter. I ended up highlighting them all.

The book is clean, entertaining, scary, and a great read. No sex, very little violence—unless you consider poisoning violence. It's an exciting adventure to find the truth. The ending may surprise you.

Loved it!

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