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Monday, January 5, 2015

YOUR Favorite Posts from 2014

Photo by: tuelekza

Looking back over the past year, we find out which posts you liked best. 

I was shocked to see that the favorite by far was a post titled "Paint Your Nails . . . Manicure Messages," which came out of my curiosity about why the fourth finger is often painted differently from the other fingernails. I personally didn't think it was that earth-shaking!

After that:
Do You Know Your Missionaries? Eight Ideas
Why Elisabeth Elliot Gren is One of My Heroes
Are Tattoos Taboo?
Modesty Tips for Big Women
36 Years with the Same Man: 13 Secrets of a Long, Happy Marriage
A Girl and Her Father
Don't Let the Big Fish Get Away! (about women going after men)

Other popular posts last year:
Understanding and Encouraging Your Missionaries
Does Modesty Matter?
Naomi, the Bitter Woman
How Fiction Feeds False Fantasies
Learning From Manna, God's Awesome Provision
Easter: the Culmination of the Gospel
Easter Eggs and Bunnies: Five Easy Ways to Teach Kids the True
      Meaning of Easter
The Missionary Wives Survey--5 posts
Why Do Women Trust These Guys? (about men with baggage)
The Singles Survey--5 posts

I enjoyed writing and interacting with you last year and anticipate a wonderful blogging 2015.

Please feel free to share your own favorite post with me, offer suggestions of topics for the future, and share any kind, constructive criticism you wish. I love hearing from you!

Happy 2015 from "In the Way"!


  1. This is a great list! Think it's gonna take me a while to read it all! :0)

    1. So funny! Take one at a time . . . . Thank you for your comment, Tori. God bless!


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