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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Fiction Book Review: In Between

Photo by: Apolonia

In Between by Jenny B. Jones is the story of a sixteen-year-old girl whose mother is in prison. She has been in a home for girls and is now taken in as a foster child by James and Millie Scott. The story is told by the teen Katie Parker in a snarky, sarcastic, non-trusting tone. She is, nevertheless, someone the reader identifies with, and she rings true.

Katie wears black clothing and Goth make-up for her first day in her new school and promptly befriends the girl with a purple Mohawk. She soon finds she made the wrong choice. She’s in trouble with the police and the scapegoat for horrible acts of destruction.

The Scotts give Katie a beautiful room, designer clothes, and love and discipline. She soon makes other friends and decides to try to win the respect of her foster parents. She even becomes friends with her flashy, energetic—to put it mildly—foster grandma. This is how In Between introduces the grandmother: “My mother is, um, different. I don’t want her to scare you, but she’s been compared to Judge Judy.” “Judge Judy?” “On crack.” It’s pretty accurate, though I think Judge Judy is mild compared to Maxine Simmons.

The ending wasn’t what I expected—I love it when authors surprise me—and it’s perfect. Throughout, there are many profound spiritual lessons along with lots of fun. The writing is excellent. If you like a sarcastic tone and fun with a heart, you’ll appreciate this book.

I thoroughly enjoyed In Between, laughing from start to finish. I would heartily recommend it to teen girls as well as to those of us who never quite grew up. Five stars!


  1. Hey thanks for the review. I love these cause it takes a lot of the guessing out of which books I can read.

    1. Thank you, Tori. I think you'd enjoy this one.

  2. Sounds like fun! I think I read one of her books a while back and enjoyed it.

    1. She's an excellent writer, and I loved the humor as well as the serious spiritual lessons. A great combination! I think you'll enjoy it.


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