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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Books and Movies Survey: Movies

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If you missed Part One of the Books and Movies Survey, on Books, please scroll down after reading this post. You’ll enjoy it!


1. I have a year limit for the movies I’m willing to watch. (For example, I don’t watch anything made after 1970.)  True 0  False 35

2. I only watch G and PG.  True 6  False 29

“If possible I try to find out why a movie is given a particular rating. As an adult I don’t feel I have to limit my viewing to things that are suitable for children. Even some Christian films are rated PG-13. For example, “Courageous” is a terrific movie and also provides many teachable moments for older kids. On the other hand there are G movies I don’t think kids should see such as “The Princess and the Frog” (Disney, 2009). A few years ago I watched it with a family I was visiting. It had a rather dark side, and I thought it was downright creepy! It’s not one I would have chosen to watch even without children present.”
“Depending on why it is rated. The rating system is so messed up!!! There are some G and PG that are filled with inappropriate things!”

“Concerning movie ‘ratings’, I would not watch or allow my children to watch many movies with a “G” rating, but have watched movies with ‘higher’ ratings depending on the movie and why it has that rating. I believe not all ratings are the same. A movie rated higher 10-20 years ago would be rated lower now (I have no proof of this, it is just how it seems to me). What the world does not view sees as ‘questionable’ content differs from a biblical view. The world has little problem with ‘adult’ humor and innuendos and ‘mild’ language and might label a movie “G” that is filled with unbiblical content.” 
“We use Clear Play to filter out words and scenes that would be offensive, and we look for a good moral tone and positive family values (hard to find these days). And, we really watch for rebellion that ends up being rewarded and authority cast in a negative light in the G and PG movies. G and PG movies can be very damaging. It's easy to bleep out bad words. We view every family movie as a teachable moment to guide our children's discernment and ability to identify the more deceitful sins: dishonoring parents/authority, covetousness, etc.”

3. I check ratings and reviews before watching.  True 32  False 3

“We read reviews, a ministry of Focus on the Family. They outline every word, oath, minced oath, and sensual or sexual content no matter how minute or suggested, etc. (Never trust secular reviews.)”

“Yes! And doubly so if I am asked to watch the movie with anyone other than my husband. I always check out a Christian movie guide site that discreetly reveals the nature of any potentially objectionable material before watching an unknown movie. There are lines I will not cross—especially if the movie is being watched strictly for entertainment purposes—so, why start a movie and get interested only to discover that it crosses the line. Then you risk playing the “as long as it doesn’t happen again” game. It is so easy these days to know before you even hit play if objectionable scenes exist.”

Recommended movie review sites:;; and TVGuardian also sells filtering devices to get rid of profanity.

4. I watch what friends recommend.  True 25  False 5  Sometimes 5

“I watch what friends recommend, but it depends. If I wouldn't watch it with a pastor’s wife, I won't watch. We are more Disney movie people.”

“Well, yes and no! I have some friends who watch things I would not be interested in for various reasons and probably vice versa. I have also learned that just because I purchase a video at a local Christian bookstore doesn’t mean it is squeaky clean! I got one at Christmastime that would have been great if only a couple words had been omitted. Another one made subtle references to homosexuality in a somewhat neutral way. [I actually took it back to the store and voiced my complaint although since it had been opened they would not refund my money!] In any case, I have learned to preview anything I plan to invite friends over to watch with me!”
5. I feel I can watch any movie with a discerning eye.  True 12  False 23

“Usually. I have sat down to watch a movie a second time and thought, What is this?!? How did I miss that? And that?!? And THAT?!?!? LOL”
“Not ‘any’ –With everything we see and read (or hear) we need to be discerning!!”
“Movies do affect me. I don’t watch horror movies or movies that are too sexual or have bad language. I also am affected by movies that don’t end well. I become uneasy and irritable. I need closure.” 

“You put the word ‘any’ in there. If you had used the word ‘most’ I may have answered T. But in reality, I honestly think we need to be almost more aware of many so-called ‘family friendly’ movies, because it is easier to let our guard down when we have been led to believe the movie is ‘safe.’ I specifically remember recommending a ‘family friendly’ movie to a pastor one time because it was rated G. I had seen it more than once and it was one of my favorites. We even gave the pastor our DVD copy. I was horrified the next time I watched the movie and an expletive jumped out at me like a slap in the face. I realize to some that would be no big deal, but it was to me. I had never noticed it in the movie before, yet there it was. After a more critical viewing of the movie, I later discovered a couple other things that I was suddenly aware of after I had already given the movie to the preacher.”  

6. I am concerned about language, violence, and sexual content.  
    True 35  False 0

“The Bible warns against these issues in every day reality, so I don’t really see that we can justify watching it as entertainment.”

“Many Christians today feel like they can ‘handle’ the foul language and sexually explicit scenes without it affecting their Christian lives. I think that is totally false. Besides, we have the command in Scripture to think on those things that are pure.”

7. I watch some movies that I wouldn’t let my children view.  
    True 28  False 6

“Under certain circumstances I watched movies that my children were not allowed to, especially when they were younger. I know that many believe that if you would not let your child watch it, then you shouldn’t either. However, there are many historically based movies about events that would be just too scary for younger children. Even some Christian movies can be scary for younger ones who may not understand how or why people do such cruel things to one another.”

“Clarification, I wouldn't let a 5-year-old watch ‘Indiana Jones’ nor a 10-year-old watch ‘Les Miserables.’ I enjoy both movies in their own right, but simply would not allow children of particular ages to watch, based on difficult themes (especially ‘Les Mis’) or scary content (‘Indiana Jones’).” 

“We are very particular what we allow our children to view, but do preview things that sometimes don't make the cut for the kids. Also, my husband and I enjoy some down time of our own and not everything we watch we consider appropriate for our children. For example, right now we're watching ‘Matlock,’ and while some episodes would be okay for our older kids, there is some subject matter in some episodes that we don't want to introduce to our kids right now.”
8. I believe movies influence thoughts and viewpoints.  True 35  False 0

“I do believe that movies influence our thoughts and our viewpoints, however, a discerning and mature person can watch things (being aware of the worldview it presents) and not be affected by them as an undiscerning person would. For example, I don’t think that the ‘Hunger Games’ is the best choice for an undiscerning, emotional teenage girl). But studied as literature, by a discerning person, it has value. I also may watch or skim or read reviews about things that I wouldn’t watch for entertainment because I feel it’s necessary to be aware of what my students are reading and watching (and writing papers about)!”
 “As with books this is also true, and perhaps more so since not much imagination is required—everything is ‘out there’ in living color.”
“It is sad to me how many people ‘like’ or share videos or music (even just You Tube videos) on Facebook. To me, that is the same as putting their endorsement on it. When ‘friends’ know you profess Christ, and then you like something that a Christian ought not to be watching (or even questionable material), it is confusing and brings shame to the name of Christ. I also see the influence of friends and their media choices as a major influence on others.”

There's one more post in The Books and Movies series. If you missed the last one, you can scroll down and read it, now.  


  1. Excellent! I learned a couple of other sites to use for previewing movie content. Thank you to all who participated - I was able to glean from your wisdom and experiences, and also know that there ARE others out there who have the same standards we do!

    1. I agree that it's great to pool resources. I was glad for the recommendations of review sites, as well. Thank you, Andrea, for your comment. God bless!


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