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Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday Confessions

My husband is scratching his head. Why would anyone want to get up while it is still dark to go shopping? Could any deal really be worth it?

My opportunities to do Black Friday shopping have been few and very far between, since I live in Europe. So, I’ll tell you what I’ve done when I did participate in the madness.

I have gone with my niece, a good friend, my parents, and my daughter—not in that order, and I’ve forgotten what years. I really did well one year. I am pretty sure I went alone, very early, and only to one mall. I got some amazing deals and some very nice presents for people. Other years, I wasn’t so fortunate, but I did end up with a cornucopia for my Thanksgiving table (on my table now), some pretty Christmas stockings, a Christmas tree skirt, wired ribbons, and other sundries for decorating. The year I went with my niece, both of us ended up with some nice clothing. I’m sure she’s grown out of what she bought that day, but I still wear the coat I got.

Now, I don’t tent camp for a week before the doors open, and I wouldn’t even stand in the cold for an hour, let alone more.

But, a few good deals and breakfast with my parents—like we did one year—are definitely worth getting up for.

(I am still very iffy about online shopping. I like to actually see and feel things. I like to know if it is cheap or quality, and those little pictures don’t do it for me. I do like to buy books online, and that seems to work okay—especially if I already know the book.
I have no idea how anyone buys shoes and clothing without trying them on.)

This year, across the pond, I’m amused by the video clips of hundreds of people flooding into department stores across the country. The newscasters shake their heads in disbelief. They call it an “American phenomenon.” I guess that’s accurate, actually. Where else do they actually have discounts for the first 300 people to enter a store, early in the morning? Where else would people crawl out of bed hours before the crack of dawn to push, claw, and fight their way to the item they wanted? It is incredible, and it’s true. People actually do this year after year after year.

And this year, I wouldn’t mind doing it myself!

If I could.

Instead, my husband and I celebrated a day-late Thanksgiving at home. It was a good meal, topped off with pumpkin pie with whipped cream. We have much for which to be thankful, especially our family, which is spread over a wide swath of the world.

In a few days, we’ll be gearing up for Christmas, making plans, and babyproofing the house for a very special little visitor (grandson). Christmas won’t be as quiet as today, but we will enjoy every minute with our son’s family.

And, the rest of our Black Friday will be spent doing some things that need to be done.

God bless as you enjoy this holiday season. (May you never get trampled in the crowds! Wherever you are.)


  1. I am not one to venture out on Black Friday. But I LOVE online shopping.


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