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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Like Totally Awesome

I love the way teens talk these days. Every other word is like. Like, well, you know, like . . . . I remember the first time I heard this cliché. I thought it was hilarious, like sooooo funny.

I love the other words as well. Awesome used to mean something that inspired awe, as in impressive. Now, you can have awesome teeth, an awesome dress, awesome food, an awesome sunset, an awesome school homework assignment. (Yes, I’m kidding about that last one.) The only thing in that list that is like totally awesome, I mean, really awesome is the sunset, which is something only God can do. The rest of the list, well, really . . . .

Now, I remember when we had nutty words as well. When I was a budding teen, words like: groovy, cool, dig (not about gardening), spaz, far out, and right on. The words defined the generation, just as they do each generation. You dig?

I’ve been around our nieces and nephews, who are what I would call “normal.” (The definition of normal is yet to be completely settled.) Each one is trying to describe his day at school to me. Like . . . like . . . totally . . . like . . . well . . . massively huge . . . like . . . and so on. I really like the way they can say so much with so few words.

Saying a lot with a few words . . . .

Consider these Bible passages:
  • In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth (Genesis 1:1).
  • The LORD is my shepherd (Psalm 23:1).
  • Here am I; send me (Isaiah 6:8b).
  • God is love (John 4:8).
  • Jesus wept (John 11:35).
  • But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us (Romans 5:8).
  • Why seek ye the living among the dead? (Luke 24:5)

So much in so few words.

God alone is totally awesome.

Such love. Such sacrifice. Redemption.

Praise Him! 


  1. What a fun post :) I was thinking "Do not be anxious about anything..." That's like another really big statement. Awesome ;)

    1. Yes, totally awesome to trust that way. Thank you for sharing Philippians 4:6, one of my favorite verses and a great stress buster. Thanks, Lauren!

  2. Un mensaje muy divertido, e instructivo, me gusta también Juan 10:27-29, esto es algo que a principios de año me ayudo a tener seguridad.:p


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