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Friday, February 15, 2013


UNTIL FOREVER by Darlene Shortridge begins with the story of Jessi, a divorced mother, her ex-husband Mark, and their son Ethan. Ethan is critically injured in a car accident which was brought about by Mark’s irresponsible drinking—again. The story goes on to address hurt, love, and forgiveness. Jessi’s aunt Merry helps both Mark and Jessi deal with some very difficult issues, and little surprise-package Olivia adds a happy healing balm to everyone’s life.

This book deals with some profound realities typical to almost everyone’s life. I felt Mrs. Shortridge handled the story fairly and realistically. I loved how God worked in hearts and through people.

This is titled a “Women of Prayer” book. Definitely, the power of prayer is evident throughout the story.

I really liked this book. It has some very thoughtfully written plot twists that were a genuine blessing to me. It has a spiritual depth with realistic characters. A very good debut novel.

EYES WIDE OPEN by Ted Dekker is one of those stories that could happen to anyone—but you hope it would never be you! Scary, improbable, yet believable, what happens to Christy and Austin will keep you turning pages and wishing these things couldn’t be true. But the reality is that Christy and Austin are locked up . . . and they may never get out.

Eyes Wide Open is a series of four books. This first one ends quite abruptly, leaving you with the desire to go out and buy the rest so that you can find out what happens. (It is also sold as the set of four together. I recommend getting the set.)

I was scared, laughed a little too, and the horror of the situations that first one and then the other find themselves in was captivating. Literally.

If you enjoy being scared a little, you’ll like this book—and the next three of the series, I would presume. I look forward to finding out what happens next.

I also read SELL MORE BOOKS! BOOK MARKETING AND PUBLISHING FOR LOW PROFILE AND DEBUT AUTHORS by Blythe Daniel, Brian Jud, Stephanie Richards, and J. Steve Miller. It is helping me rethink marketing with my own debut book. Interesting, and at times, over my head. But, like I said, I found it helpful. A great resource for a new author—or any author, for that matter.


  1. The first one sounds really interesting. I've read a few things from Dekker that I liked. I kind of have to be in the mood for scary books. I've heard hm speak a couple of times -- a bookstore where we used to live used to have frequent author events. Very entertaining to listen to.

    From what I've seen other authors say, It does seem like many are having to do their own marketing these days. I think social media helps a lot with that.

    1. I really think you will like both Until Forever and Eyes Wide Open. Of course, Eyes Wide Open is for when you're not home alone at night. :o)

    2. Lou Ann, thank you for letting me know about your blog post. I am delighted that you reviewed Until Forever. I'm equally delighted you enjoyed it. :)

      Congratulations on publishing your first book. It is something akin to giving birth, isn't it?

      Barbara, that is so true. I cannot tell you how many hours I have spent online the past few years. Building true relationships make all the difference (writing a good book doesn't hurt). ;)

      I'm so glad to have met both of you!

      Darlene Shortridge

    3. Thank you, Darlene, for stopping by. I loved your book and hope many others will read it. There are so many good lessons in it, and at the same time, it tells a good story. May God bless you as you write for His glory!


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