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Monday, May 22, 2017

See Your World

Roman aqueduct, Segovia, Spain

My brother and his wife recently visited us in our little part of the world (Spain). We traveled four and a half hours away. We saw Roman ruins, cathedrals, castles, and homes dating back to the 900s, medieval cities, and more “modern” cities. In some ways, it was as if we were in a shifting time warp: Roman and medieval in the same town, modern tourists standing under a Roman aqueduct taking pictures with selfie sticks, cute little “princesses” staring at armor from the 1600s, students taking in Moorish architecture . . . .

Why travel?

I believe there are many reasons, but my memory was refreshed these last few weeks.

Medieval house, Covarrubias, Burgos, Spain
Travel helps you:
  1. See the world in a different context. When you travel outside your country and your home, you get a fresh view of who you are and how you fit in. There are different customs, foods, and life experiences. The world around you is vast, and there’s a need for Christ everywhere.
  2. Use your language skills. Over those weeks, we were in both Spain and France, and it was helpful to know the languages, be able to read signs, and travel with ease.
  3. Appreciate “living history.” We went to castles, cathedrals, villages, and palaces. We wandered over countless cobblestoned streets. We saw the homes of the uber rich—kings and queens—and the normal folks. We touched Roman rocks, used in construction. We peeked down into ancient wells.
  4. Enjoy art. Through the centuries, artistic styles change and morph. From tapestries to modern sculptures, we saw a lot of art from across the ages. They say “art imitates life,” and indeed, it does!
  5. Breathe different air. A change of pace and surroundings refreshes the soul. Jesus said, Come ye yourselves apart into a desert place, and rest a while (from Mark 6:31). Just a little rest and experiencing a different, interesting place renews the spirit.

Royal palace, San Idelfonso de la Granja, Segovia, Spain

I’m well aware that not everyone lives in Europe, but there are amazing things to see within a few hours of your house. Have you visited them . . . yet?

Take day trips. Enjoy! You’ll return home tired but refreshed.

I guarantee it.

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