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Friday, June 3, 2016

Fiction Review: Miranda Warning

Miranda Warning, A Murder in the Mountains Book 1, by Heather Day Gilbert begins, “I chose the day I would die. My husband’s deep brown eyes glowed as he handed me the cocoa. ‘Maybe you’ll sleep better tonight, Rosey' . . . And that was the last time Paul Campbell would ever see me smile.”

Of course, I was drawn in! I wanted to know why she killed herself. I wanted to know how she was telling her story from the dead. What is going on?

Tess Spencer works at a retirement home. One of her very favorite people and closest friends is Miranda Michaels, a wheelchair-bound bundle of energy who wears Black Cashmere lotion and plays chess better than most. Miranda asks Tess if she believes in ghosts. She pulls a letter out of a drawer and reads: “Dear Miranda, I know you have been seeing Mr. Paul Campbell. For your own sake, I hope you stop doing so. I’m watching you.” The handwriting is familiar.

And, the story is off! Who’s writing the mysterious letters? Why should she not care for Paul Campbell? His wife passed away years ago. Miranda never felt so alive!

Tess gets involved even though she shouldn’t in her condition. She’s expecting her first child, and her husband wants her to avoid stress. Tess has got to know what’s going on. She gets in deeper and deeper, and there’s danger at every turn. Who can she trust? Who’s lying? 

Should Tess have met him? Alone?

This is a fun read with many layers. I enjoyed every minute! I’m not going to tell you what happens, but believe me, there’s action, a few injuries, and well . . . you won’t believe the ending! 

The writing is good. Mrs. Gilbert keeps you flipping pages and laughing—and biting your nails. Just my kind of light reading! I’ll definitely look for more from this author. 

Five stars.


  1. Hi, Lou Ann! Thank you for the wonderful review. I am always so thrilled when a new reader finds and enjoys Miranda Warning! I got a google alert notification of this post, and I'm so thrilled to find it. Glad you enjoyed!

    1. Thank you, Heather! I loved your book! God bless you!


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