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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A Swimsuit Issue

Enjoying the sun near Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

If you’re a regular reader, you know I take Christian modesty seriously. I truly believe a woman should demonstrate dignity. I personally try to choose modest clothing. Plus, I’m a grandma, and that means I need to be a little more careful, since my weight isn’t what it was in my thirties.

Last year, we were planning to go to Puerto Rico to visit our son’s family—and meet our newest baby grandson. Our son's family wanted to take a few days’ vacation and include us. They had been to this place before. It was all set.

I love to swim! But, it had been almost twenty years since I owned a bathing suit, and I was in a dilemma. No way am I going to wear anything short, tight, or low! Soooo what do I do?

I’d seen a photo of a family on a beach, and the mother was wearing something that resembled a skirt. I couldn’t remember which of my friends posted it, so I asked my group of missionary friends about modest swim attire. Several people recommended links. I was amazed at all the different choices!

After poring over several companies' catalogues, I chose this outfit because it has attached leggings under the A-line skirt. I also liked the colorful top with lighter sleeves.

Some (not my son’s family) kidded me about my burkini—which it isn’t—while I laughed and remembered how wonderful it felt to be covered and perfectly able to swim and enjoy time with the children in the water. I tried all the major strokes, and the suit felt light and didn't get in the way. When I got out of the pool, my swimsuit dried out fast, never clung, and it was perfectly fine to go walking around in my bathing suit! Instead of getting out of the water and grabbing for a robe immediately, I could just go to a side table, sit down, and chat with everyone else. How cool is that!

So I’m sold!

There are lots of ways to be modest and swim. Our daughter-in-law wears long shorts and a top over a swimsuit. You may have invented your own modest combination.

But, if you were wondering about the availability of modest swimwear, now you know. There are several great companies out there with cute fabrics with protection from the sun. I’m going to give you links for two of them that offer skirts in different lengths, dresses, and more. If you’re looking for something different than these choices, just search for “modest swimwear.” (If you look for modest clothing, you can find it!)

By the way, there are no affiliate links on my blog. I am only letting you know about two companies I liked. They are: Undercover Waterwear and Hydrochic. (I got my outfit at Undercover Waterwear.) Both companies have modest options from little girls up to women's plus sizes.

 Whether therefore ye eat, or drink
or whatsoever ye do (including swimming), 
do all to the glory of God. 
(1 Corinthians 10:31)

If you think my swimsuit is the funniest thing you ever saw, that's your prerogative. Please be kind if you comment. Thank you.

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