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Monday, April 25, 2016

Fiction Review: My Father's House

My Father’s House, by Rose Johnson is a novel I didn’t want to put down. Told first-person, Lily Rose’s story unfolds like an autobiography. It’s so believable, I repeatedly had to remind myself it’s a novel. The writing is excellent, and Lily Rose, the Georgia setting, her family, her mother’s mental illness, and all of the story rings true-to-life.

Lily and her friend Maggie go to New York City and giggle their way through posh stores and experiences. On Friday night, Maggie takes Lily to her favorite restaurant, Valenti’s, with its authentic Italian atmosphere. Their waiter is handsome and mildly flirtatious. He takes pictures with the girls and asks Lily for her phone number. The electricity between them is palpable, and Lily dreams of the waiter every day thereafter.

Then, Manuel calls her and pours on the charm. Soon, he’s calling every day. One day, he shows up in her little Georgia town. He wines and dines her, and soon, Lily agrees to marry him—immediately. It all happens so fast, and Manuel makes many promises that Lily wants to believe.

Lily and Manny move to Detroit, where Manny practices law and owns an apartment. Lily Rose is out of her comfort zone—in more ways than one.

Lily soon understands that her husband isn’t who she thought he was. He is cruel and hot tempered, and she suspects much, much worse.

I don’t want to give away the story. You will laugh and cry along with Lily. When she goes back to her father’s house, Lily finds friendship, community, and support. She needs it! Follow Lily Rose’s story. You will love it!

Note: This is a book for adults. It mentions sex and rape in marriage, but there are no explicit scenes. There is some violence. The author uses one or two curse words (once or twice only) and a few crude words. Some of the Christian characters occasionally drink alcohol. Lily makes some choices I wouldn’t personally advise.

The tone of the book, though, is wonderful. I couldn’t flip the pages (on my Kindle) fast enough. Some of the lessons Lily learns are hard ones, but they come through loud and clear. I enjoyed My Father’s House immensely. I think you will, too.

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  1. Thank you Lou Ann for reviewing My Father's House on your lovely blog. I appreciate your reading it, and your kind words and especially that you have told your friends about it. I was glad to offer the Kindle version for FREE for all. Thanks again.

    1. Thank YOU, Rose! I have had an enthusiastic response on Facebook. Several will be reading it this week. God bless and keep you!


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