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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Fiction Review: Rules of Murder

Photo courtesy of amenic181, Free Digital Photos

Rules of Murder by Julianna Deering was delightful! Oh yes, there’s a murder. Make that three murders, two on the same night. This book has everything! It's exciting, a mystery, set in a country house in an English town . . . everything to keep you flipping pages as fast as you can read them.

The writing is exceptional. I fell in love with the young Drew Farthering and one of the people who gets murdered. Sniff, sniff! I also enjoyed the sweet, intelligent American Madeline, who stays on until the end of the mystery—and beyond. The cast has its share of dandies and desmoiselles, a funny gardener, a butler, business partners, and a little bit of romance.

Who shot Lincoln—or is it Lincoln? Why would anyone want to kill Constance? A lovely evening’s fireworks cover two horrible murders and a terrible plot.

Follow Drew and Inspector Birdsong as they find the murderer.

My only negative is that devoutly Christian Madeline shows romantic interest in Drew, and he isn’t even a born-again Christian . . . yet. I don’t believe “evangelistic dating” is biblical.

This is a very good book with a Christian message as well as a great mystery. I heartily recommend it and will look for more from this author.


  1. I finished this book a few weeks ago and loved it as well!

    1. Thank you, Becky. I thought it was brilliant! God bless.


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