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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Fiction Review: Forever Faithful

Photo courtesy of Serge Bertasius Photography, Free Digital Photos

Forever Faithful by Darlene Shortridge is the fourth book in the “Women of Prayer” series. It’s the second that I’ve read.

Jackie is a married mother of three, campaigning for a U. S. Senate seat. Her family is close and normal—until Ashley’s kidnapped and their world changes forever.

The eldest daughter Ashley, unknown to her mother and father, has been befriended by a girl named Brandi and begins being a courier for her. She makes good money, and she’s happy. She’s smart enough not to ask questions, and soon a young, attractive man shows her attention. In order to cover up her extra activities, Ashley pays her sister to keep quiet and lies to her grandmother and pastor’s wife.

Ashley’s a girl who knows the Lord as her Savior, but she needs attention and affirmation. Soon, she finds herself in the very worst situation of her life.

At the same time, her family is searching for her, trying, along with the police, to piece together what might have happened to their daughter.

Jackie and Greg and the kids grow and change and become stronger. So does Ashley.

The story continues with an interesting plot twist. I didn’t expect it.

This book is a little wordier than I usually enjoy, but it’s good writing, interesting, and the characters are good. I especially liked the last part of this book with its vision. Forever Faithful is strongly Christian. It brings up themes of grooming, human trafficking, the trauma of kidnapping, women in politics, and family values. It emphasizes the good that comes from sharing one’s faith. A very pleasant, edifying, and entertaining read.

I would recommend this to older teen girls and adults. Anything of a sexual nature is alluded to but not described. There is some physical, non-sexual violence.

(Until Forever is the first book in the Women of Prayer series. I reviewed it here.)


  1. Sounds interesting! I like books where the characters grow in some way.

    1. I think you would like her books. She is very thoughtful about her plot lines. I like that she always shows a redeeming thread through the worst tragedies of life.


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