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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Never Forget

Can a maid forget her ornaments, or a bride her attire? 
yet my people have forgotten me days without number (Jeremiah 2:32).

It’s the wedding day. Guests arrive early and sit down in the church. The music is playing, and you hear a murmur of people talking. More people arrive. The groom walks out with the pastor and his best man. (He’s already sweating.) Candles are lit. All is ready. Five beautiful bridesmaids walk slowly to the front of the church. The bridal processional begins with a trumpet fanfare. The bride is on the arm of her father. She’s wearing . . . jeans and a faded sweatshirt!

This is absurd! The bride would never wear jeans in a formal church wedding. Why? Because this is her day. She has planned everything down to the last detail. She knows every piece of her apparel for when she becomes the bride of the most wonderful guy in the world. She has her nails done, her hair done. She’s wearing jewelry her mother wore on her wedding day. And the dress . . . . It took her a year to find the one that was really “her.” It is the dress for the most meaningful hours of her whole life.

Would a bride forget her attire? Never.

In Bible times, single women wore head coverings that included coins. The coins were to become part of their dowry. A single woman was identified by this veil. It was a symbol of who she was—her social status as well as her marital status. 

Would a single young lady leave home without her veil? Never.

The answer to both of God’s questions is, “No way.”

Yet, God’s people had forgotten Him days without number.

We are God’s people through faith in His Son Jesus Christ. Even though He reminds us daily of His presence, His creation, His goodness—we could go on and on—sometimes, I’m afraid we’re guilty as well. We forget God, when there’s no way we should.

May today be different. 

May we remember Him.  

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