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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bible Study Review: A Woman of Prayer

I just finished working A Woman of Prayer by Betty Henderson. What a wonderful study! (Some years ago, I did my own study on prayer. It took me months! I got a lot from it, especially a practical definition of prayer.) But, this study transported me much further. It is rich!

Ms. Henderson divides this study into three parts: Principles, Practice, and Portraits. In the first part, there are no new revelations, but it is wonderful to concentrate on the facts that we can pray always, than God hears, and that God always answers. Then she talks about faith, fervency, and a new concept for me: not fainting. All were excellent and challenging. The end of the book explores praying people: the early church, Moses, Daniel, Paul, and David. These were great! I especially enjoyed studying Paul’s praying, which I had never quite looked at in the way she presents his prayers.

My only criticism is that the lessons are quite long, if you want to do a lesson a day. I ended up dividing them into two. (There are 12 lessons in all, and there’s a lot packed into each one. Even doing them “fast,” I think it would take at least an hour to do one lesson. I found them very profound, with concepts I needed to think through, digest, and pray about, and so, I would say I spent about 45 minutes on half a lesson—to give you an idea, especially if you plan to do this in a group.)

This Bible study is very, very good. Without being hard to find the answers, it is both deep and inspiring. I loved its emphasis on God, on His faithfulness, and on how He answers. I always appreciate Ms. Henderson’s lovely quotes and hymn lyrics, so carefully chosen to complement the lessons. I also loved her short, inspirational bios of Frances Havergal, George Mueller, John Hyde, Rosalind Goforth, Charles Spurgeon, E. M. Bounds, John Bunyan, Hudson Taylor, D. L. Moody, and David Brainerd. I believe I had read biographies of all except two, but these cameos really helped me to understand some interesting facets about their prayer life.

I believe that you will find this study to be one of the richest you ever do. I think it would be best in your personal quiet time, but it could be easily broken up into shorter lessons and used in ladies’ groups as well. A great study with great rewards!


  1. It sounds like a wonderful resource.

    1. I loved it! It's available at BJU Press. Thank you and God bless you, Barbara!


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