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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Bible Study Review: Made for Fellowship

MADE FOR FELLOWSHIP by Reba Bowman is A Journey Through the Tabernacle and Feasts. This study, designed to take ten weeks, explores the Tabernacle’s many facets and meanings. Most importantly, it points you to Christ and the steps one must take toward fellowship with God. Mrs. Bowman moves you from the building of the Tabernacle to its inside court, the holy place, and the holy of holies. She lets you be the high priest as he makes atonement once a year for the sins of the people. She shows you the significance of every part of the Tabernacle.

This is no boring study of furniture and curtains. This is an exploration of God’s plan to bring us to Himself, pictured so perfectly in His Tabernacle. Mrs. Bowman uses New Testament Scriptures, especially Hebrews to bring together the teaching of the Old Testament Jewish traditions and their fulfillment in Christ. She has many practical, personal applications included as well.

Here’s just one example:
“Jesus was called Emmanuel—God with us. He was God’s presence among the early New Testament believers. Now that He is ascended, we have the Holy Spirit dwelling in the heart of every believer. . . . This fact alone should change my life. The Holy Spirit is with me, be holy. The Holy Spirit is with me, be brave. The Holy Spirit is with me, be filled. Do you find yourself sinning and thinking no one sees, whining and thinking no one cares, or quitting because you think you can’t do it? These are all excuses not based on truth. The truth is that we can live bold lives for the cause of Christ because of the Holy Spirit who lives in us.”

I really enjoyed MADE FOR FELLOWSHIP because of its applications and because of the greater understanding I got of the Tabernacle’s whole purpose: to bring us closer to God. It also gave me a greater appreciation for God’s perfection and His grace. I am frankly glad to be living in the New Testament church and not in those days of ritual cleansings and sacrifices. But now, I appreciate them more. I see more clearly how the Lord Jesus satisfied God’s demands when He gave Himself for us.

The part about the feasts was shorter and more hurried. I personally got more out of the section (the majority of the book) on the Tabernacle.

I recommend this study to any woman who hasn’t before made an in-depth study of the Tabernacle. It will bring to life this wonderful image and will challenge you with practical, godly living.

Reba Bowman can be contacted and books ordered at, the website for Dare for More Ministries.

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