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Monday, December 31, 2012

Flipping TV Channels

This actually happened a day or two ago. I was trying to relax and watch something nice on television.

The sports channel. Willowy people are trudging through the snow on skis, guns on their backs. They go round and round a circuit and sometimes, they shoot. In the snow! I think this is some kind of cold torture and change the channel.

A pile of gray rubble in an unrecognizable place. Is it Syria?

I switch to another. They’re giving the world weather. I watch to see what the weather is like where my far-flung family members live.

I go to another channel. A gentleman was brutally assaulted while walking to church on Christmas Eve. He died of his injuries a few days later. Motive and killer unknown.

Click the remote. I see monkeys beside a river. The commentator says they are our nearest relatives. (I’m insulted! They don’t look anything like my nearest relatives!) They go on to interview a young man from a prominent American university who has gone to Africa to study these monkeys. His major is evolution/anthropology. They go back to filming the monkeys who are doing what animals do. All the while, the commentators use human terms to describe what they do, even though they could have chosen animal terms for their actions. (I know humans were made in the image of God. We have a soul. We were made above the rest of creation. I know this from reading Genesis, chapters 1-2, straight from the inspiration of God, the One who created beasts and man.) I am tired of being compared with monkeys!

I turn the TV off.

Black screen now.

No murders, violence, torturous sports (Sorry, if you like biathlon!), or being compared to apes. Just our peaceful house.

Aahhhhhh . . . .

Have you ever felt the same frustration with television programming? Would you like to share how you deal with it? How do you honor the Lord with your choices? Do you find more relaxation just turning it off? I’d like to hear your ideas.


  1. We try to always watch tv with Biblical glasses. Television is very frustrating at times, especially when they present their theories as fact. 1 Peter 3:15 says we should always be prepared to answer our foes, so at times I've found it helpful for me to watch these "EVIL-ution" shows on television, then study and seek the truth in scripture. This helps me to share the Biblical truth of creation (and answer specific questions with scripture and examples) with unbelievers who have also watched these same evolution programmes. We find "" an excellent ministry, full of great resources to help us fight the good fight of our faith. We can be confident that the Bible is truth and not just that it contains the truth. Onward, Christian soldiers...

    1. Love the idea of "biblical glasses"! I agree that we need to be informed, not ignorant about what is out there, so that we can defend our faith and the Truth.

      Answers in Genesis is a great resource which I can also highly recommend.

      Thank you, Lauren, for your reply.

      Happy New Year! God bless.

  2. Yes! I feel frustrated all the time and chuckled out loud at your "I'm insulted." I hate being referred to as a mammal!
    Great post. I've been wanting to cancel our cable simply because there's nothing good to watch, and we can get News online. I wonder how much $$ we could save doing that...? :-)

    1. I totally understand. As you know, we're in Spain, and we've chosen to only get what we can get free--which isn't a very wide range of choices in English--but I'm sure you're right. It wouldn't help. And, most news is bad news. I wonder how the presenters do it all day, every day!

      Glad someone else doesn't like being called an animal. Thanks for the commiseration!

      Happy New Year to you and yours!


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