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Sunday, November 25, 2012

"A Perfect Thing"

I recently heard an interview with the British author Susan Hill. She told about seeing the Book of Kells in a museum and realizing that “a book is a perfect thing.” It inspired her so much that she decided then and there to be a writer.

It got me to thinking. A perfect thing . . . .

I know of a few things that are almost perfect: exquisitely cut diamonds, a flawless paint job on a brand new car, even having a wonderful day.

But perfect?

Outside the spiritual realm, nothing is perfect. The world, the earth . . . they’re cursed by sin. People, well, we all know no one is perfect. God made a lot of beautiful things: flowers, trees, mountains, sunsets, interesting insects . . . . Anything not tainted by sin is perfect.

Perfect is God. Only God. Perfect is His eternal Word, because it was breathed by a Holy God. Perfect is sinless, and only God is sinless.

Ms. Hill was partially right. The Book of Kells contains part of the Bible—Matthew through John 17:13. (It was never finished.) Scripture, of course, is perfect. The Book of Kells wasn’t perfectly copied, though. There are a couple of mistakes. (There’s an extra ancestor in Jesus’ genealogy in Luke and a wrong translation of the word “sword” in Matthew 10:34.) Though not perfect, The Book of Kells is impressive, especially because of its lovely calligraphy and fantastically illuminated pages. Its decoration includes Celtic knots and bright colors, some of the pigments imported from a great distance.

I am thankful that we have an absolutely perfect foundation for our faith: God’s Word and God Himself.

One Book is a perfect thing. What an inspiration! (Pun intended.)

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