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Saturday, October 20, 2012


THE WAYS OF GOD: FINDING PURPOSE THROUGH YOUR PAIN by Cherie Hill is a short book based on understanding the miracle of Jesus’ calming the sea. It teaches us how to apply this miracle to the storms of our lives.
            Overall, I thought Ms. Hill did a good job of communicating. Sometimes, though, there was a lot of repetition, and the writing is very simplistic as well. I found several serious grammatical errors. (Hopefully, they’re only in the Kindle edition.)
            As a devotional book, it is nice. Ms. Hill definitely helped me to think more about the application of this incident in Jesus’ ministry.
            For me, three-stars.

FORSAKEN by James David Jordan is an exciting book, definitely a page-turner.
            Taylor is the daughter of a Special Forces officer, and she takes after her dad. The story opens with a memorable 17th birthday camping trip.
            Eleven years later, Taylor has worked for the Secret Service in Washington, D.C. and she has more experience (of all kinds) under her belt than most people have in a lifetime. She has started her own security firm back home in Texas.
            Evangelist Simon Mason calls and asks her to head up his security team. Taylor goes for the interview, and she starts the most scary adventure of her whole career. It includes crazies and Islamic terrorists as well as personal secrets and blackmail. The evangelist has to face the hardest choice of all.
            This book is well-written. It moves fast.
            I personally would like to have seen a stronger biblical testimony from Simon, although there is some. There are several references to salvation and faith in Jesus Christ. I would also like to have seen Taylor turn to the Lord. (Had I written it, I would have changed the plot in the most crucial part of the book.)
            Without being a spoiler, I can say that the ending was exactly as it should have been, and I loved it.
            A good book, entertaining, and well-written. If you are looking for a page-turner, this is it. Four stars.

ALLEREDNIC: A REGENCY CINDERELLA TALE—IN REVERSE by Chautona Havig is a book I read purely out of curiosity. (What is a Cinderella tale in reverse?) I admit; I loved it! This is a story, not a fairy tale. It contains an adaptation of the tale we all know and love. It is happy, and I think especially teen girls will enjoy this. It’s different and refreshing. ALLEREDNIC (Cinderella backwards, of course) is short, strongly Christian without preaching, and I thought, great! Five stars.


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  1. I just downloaded Allerednic recently -- glad to know it's good!


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