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My Life

Hi! I'm glad you want to visit! 

I'm a wife, mother, and grandma who's lived in Spain for thirty years. My husband pastors a small church that we team planted in 1994. I homeschooled our two children. Our daughter has taught in elementary schools for ten years and now manages an office. Our son and his wife teach in a Bible college. Both of our children are married and have two little boys each. I teach Spanish for Classes by Beth Plus in virtual classrooms. 

I'm a nature-loving, coffee-drinking crazy artist who's interested in almost everything. I read a lot, ask questions, and enjoy picking people's brains. Most of all, I love my Bible.

"In the Way" explores many subjects: marriage, singles, family relationships, homeschooling and other Christian schooling options, news items, fashion trends, modesty, Bible studies, biblical thinking, current events, and book reviews.

Do you want to walk in God's ways? Feel free to look at the tabs at the top of my blog to find the subjects that most interest you.

Here, you can access posts about how I came to faith in Christ, some facts about me, and other personal posts that might be of interest.

My Testimony
Ten Strange Facts About Me
Why I Blog
I Believe
Childhood Dreams vs. Adult Realities
Thirty-six Years with the Same Man: 13 Secrets of a Long, Happy Marriage
The Verse That Keeps Me Going
My Key Life Decisions
Five Fun Facts About Me

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