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Now available on Amazon. Lou Ann also offers special group prices to churches, Christian schools, church bookstores, and ministry-related causes. For reduced pricing, please contact her directly at keiser dot intheway@gmail dot com.

His Ways, Your Walk is Lou Ann's new book, born out of a thirty-year ministry with women. It answers commonly asked questions, presents the key biblical passages written for women, and it tackles typical issues. His Ways, Your Walk helps women read the Scriptures and make their own personal applications. It's a handbook that guides them as they discover for themselves how to walk in God's ways.

His Ways, Your Walk is for anyone who has ever asked themselves questions like:
  • How can I know God's will?
  • Is it possible to live a holy life without being weird?
  • Does God have a man for me?
  • How can I be sure I'll go to heaven when I die? 
  • Can a Christian party?
  • What do I do with my strong-willed child?
  • Does the Bible really tell me how to dress?
  • Which Christian ministry is right for me?
Here's what readers are saying:

"HIS WAYS, YOUR WALK is a practical how-to book for women who want to live for Christ in the 21st century. Lou Ann writes with the voice of experience and observation resulting from many years working as a full-time missionary wife and as mother of two children, who are now happily married and serving the Lord themselves. It's not only the voice of experience, but the voice of authority that is evident in her writing. By the liberal use of relevant Scripture throughout her book, Lou Ann lets the authority of God's own Words back up her message and speak truth to women's hearts. Thoughtful questions at the end of each chapter help make the message personal. Women of all ages who desire to walk in God's ways will be challenged, guided, and blessed in their Christian lives by HIS WAYS, YOUR WALK."—Sandra Barker (writer, published in Chicken Soup for the Mother's Soul, novel Ivory and Ice, and in various magazines and newspapers)

"HIS WAYS, YOUR WALK has straightened out my thinking because it taught me how to think more biblically. Though life at times is perplexing, God's Word is plain and pertinent in revealing God's will. If you truly desire to know and please God, this is an excellent book that will help you on your journey."—Rhoda Buker (college student)

"HIS WAYS, YOUR WALK has been a great addition to my library for personal and counseling use. The book covers a wide spectrum of issues that are affecting the thinking and actions of women in various stages of life. Mrs. Keiser's biblical and practical approach is easy to read and understand. Biblical discernment on current fads, dress, and philosophies are discussed with practical tips for how to guard our lives. I personally have been challenged to think more biblically. I really appreciate the number of issues that are covered in this single resource. The book has already been a tremendous blessing and challenge to me. Although I am first using this book as a newlywed, I will be able to continue to use this book in years to come as a wife and mother! I highly recommend this book!"--Laura Cmaylo (young wife)

            "I was interested to read His Ways, Your Walk because it is for GIRLS ONLY!  Lou Ann Keiser clearly articulates what God’s Word—THE HOLY BIBLE—says about women and how we are to live to glorify Jesus Christ.
            I enjoyed especially her recommended book reading list for children. I myself have a 5-year-old daughter who will be signing up soon for summer reading at the local library. She listed appropriate books to read your children and at what age they should be exposed to such reading material: easy books for babies, simple stories for preschoolers, and character building stories for advanced and mature readers. 
            I also enjoyed her discussion about the different types of love traps that we fall into. Infatuation, a “crush,” true love or an abusive situation . . . . How do we tell the difference? She clearly explains what to aim for in relationships and how to relate with men. Men are wired differently. Male and female are different by design but God’s Word says that our lives must intertwine to bring him glory. 
            The chapter about Women’s Issues helped me specifically in a personal way.
            It was encouraging to know that Christians can have fun, too! We may not smoke or drink or chew—but we can still reach out to those who do and share the love of Jesus by doing wholesome activities that build up the body of Christ and attract unsaved people to the gospel.
            Many thanks to you, Lou Ann, for this well-prepared and well-thought-out book!"
Esperanza (a young mother)

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  1. Hello, My name is David Ramos. I am a fellow Christian author like yourself. I wanted to see if you would be interested in doing a swap.

    I would send you my book (Climbing with Abraham) so you could review it and in exchange I would review your most recent book on both my blog and on Amazon.

    Let me know if you are interested! Have a blessed day!


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